The Paint Bar is located in the main store at 2619 San Pablo (see inside) and shares
the space with our Flooring Department.

The Paint Bar at Ecohome Improvement, where employees of Northern California's leading green home improvement retailer, help customers decide which eco paint fits their remodel or building project

The Paint Bar features a state-of-the-art color matching system. We can replicate the colors of many major brands into the zero VOC paints we offer. And, we use exclusively zero VOC tints and we are one of the only retailers in the Bay Area to do so. Why settle for other stores with “zero VOC” paint that isn’t?

At the Paint Bar, you have a place to sit, have a glass of water or cup of tea, browse color decks, books and magazines, and spend time looking for just the right color.

When you come in, take a good look at the structure of the Paint Bar. The redwood is reclaimed from a late 19th century local water tank and the Vetrazzo countertop is made from 100% recycled glass that was recycled from municipal recycling.