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Onyx Pietersen

Onyx Pietersen, of Ecohome Improvement, the leading retailer of healthy, sustainable, and renewable home improvement products in Northern California

I’m holding an architectural scale in my picture because I think it’s a great tool with such a simple design (and it’s fun to try to balance it when you’ve been staring at drawings for too long). Formally trained as an architectural designer, I constantly found myself focusing on the human aspect of design from large scale traffic patterns down to what hand someone would use to open a drawer or reach for a glass. This interest has led me down a natural path in my career to focus on kitchens, baths and small spaces. Along with my interest in how people use space, my natural detail and process oriented personality leads to projects that are well organized and on budget. I consider myself here to help you run your kitchen or remodel project as smoothly as possible.

I don’t consider myself Green. I simply live my life in the manner that feels right to me, one that creates good for all.  I see each step in life as an opportunity to do what feels right and though none of us are perfect or always able to do the absolute ‘best’ thing, we do what we can when we can. One step towards change is better than none at all. On top of a green kitchen designer I’m also an up-cycled (recycled material) clothing designer, a re-use artist, a dancing enthusiast, an avid consignment shopper, a local Co-op and farmers market loyalist and I always have my Chico Bag with me which saves hundreds of plastic bags a year.

Onyx studied Architecture in Florence Italy in 2001 and received her degree in Architecture from California State Polytechnic University in 2003. She has 8 years of experience in both large and small scale architecture and interior design with a specialization in space planning and millwork design.