Carpet Sealers

Conventionally manufactured carpets can present a number of concerns to the consumer’s health. Toxic adhesives are often used in carpet backing and off-gas, or emit chemicals that greatly compromise indoor air quality. We stock a three component system to address this issue and ensure that your health, as well as the carpet, remains protected for years to come.

AFM Safecoat manufactures three products aimed at sealing and protecting carpet. To begin, their product Carpet Seal is designed to coat and seal the backing of the carpet. The carpet’s backing is where the highest amount of caustic adhesives are found, therefore presenting the highest concentration of off-gassing. Carpet Seal will penetrate and seal the backing to first address the most pressing of health concerns.

AFM Safecoat’s Lock Out is designed to seal and protect the fibers of the carpet itself. Lock Out provides superior protection for your carpet without utilizing harmful chemicals found in most carpet sealers. When used with Carpet Seal, your carpet is sure to be protected from the ground up.

For regular maintenance, AFM Safecoat’s Carpet Shampoo gently and effectively cleans your finished carpet. AFM’s strong stance on consumer health guarantees this shampoo will provide a professional cleaning for your carpet without employing harsh chemicals and solvents found in many conventional carpet cleaning solutions.

Whether it is new or previously installed carpet you want to seal, Ecohome has the products necessary for your project. Come to the Paint Bar to discuss your options today!