Countertop Sealers


Your countertop is the place you eat and prepare your food, and why seal it with something other than healthy, low or no VOC stains and sealers? Sealing countertops can be a daunting task due to the variation in substrate and finding a sealer strong enough to deal with daily kitchen abuse, but here at Ecohome we have sealers that range from natural oils to industrial strength topcoats.

For a butcherblock or wood countertop, we offer several food safe and food grade oil finishes like Bioshield’s Herbal Oil or Butcherblock Finish. If you are looking for a slightly more durable finish for preparing foods (but no cutting) Bioshield’s Wood Counter Finish is a great product. For a designer finish and commercial level durability Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C is your best option, while also being ZERO VOC and coming in over 30 colors!

Cementitious countertops, or glass countertops mixed with cement (like Vetrazzo) are tough to seal, but there is a low-VOC option! Cheng’s Concrete Wax is a topical wax that will protect glass and concrete alike, to keep your beautiful countertop from getting scratched up. Be sure to come in and check our our granite, marble and concrete cleaners as well to keep your countertop looking good as new!

For applications that require a completely waterproof finish, Ecoprocote has a two part waterproofing system that can go on both wood, natural stone and cementitious surfaces. This beautiful low-VOC finish comes in both matte and gloss sheens.

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