Exterior Wood Projects

Exterior wood is subject to a slew of elements that interior wood is not. UV radiation will cause wood to fade, gray and dry out over time; wind and rain can wear away at the finish of decks and fences and cause them to rot. Fortunately, we stock eco-friendly stains and sealers specifically formulated to address these issues.

Our selection of exterior wood stains and sealers is designed to offer a number of solutions for virtually any exterior project. Strippers, cleaners, internal stabilizers, stains, and sealers ensure you approach your project well prepared. Sundries, application instructions, and helpful advice make able any willing DIY’er.

Deck and Fences are usually oiled to provide the most long lasting wood protection from UV radiation. Our Exterior Monocoat line is completely ZERO VOC and made form a hybrid of natural oils and UV protectant. Monocoat’s 10 exterior colors are stunning and look beautiful on any exterior wood application.

Another natural, exterior oil is Penofin Verde which is virtually ZERO VOC (1 g/liter) with a wide variety of colors. Penofin is best for large jobs due to its one coat application.

TimberPro UV has a wide array of exterior wood products, from strippers, for previously oiled decks, a brightener as well as two different kinds of wood sealers.

The specifics of each project will determine the product most appropriate. Come to the Paint Bar today to discuss your project and find the products most suitable. Make sure to bring a piece of wood so that you can test and find the products right for you!

If you’d like to get a head start, please visit our product pages to learn more about our most versatile line of exterior deck and fence products!