Floors & Furniture

When ready to approach staining and sealing your project, you’ll find a great number of options for both wood stain and finish. We have gathered industry-leading furniture and floor finishes to offer only the most durable options of the highest quality. Visit our various product pages to learn more about your choices.

For a more natural, matte look for your floors or furniture, oil based stains and sealers are the easy choice to make. Rubio Monocoat and AFM Naturals provide optimum sealing with natural oils and even, easy application.

If a classic, durable varnish is what you’re after, our selection of healthy polyurethanes from Vermont Natural Coatings and AFM Safecoat, provide excellent durability without compromising your health or environmental concerns.

Waterproofing finishes are also available in healthy options for wood, concrete and countertops from Ecoprocote.

If concerned with out gassing from furniture manufactured with toxic adhesives, we offer a number of solutions. AFM Safecoat offers two products geared to address this issue: Safe Seal and Hard Seal. Visit their products page to learn more.

Our selection of paint strippers have been proven to be among the most effective on the market while still qualifying to Ecohome’s strict standards of safety and environmental consciousness. Soy-based urethane strippers are stocked to present an alternative to the heavy sanding that floor and furniture refinishing sometimes requires.

With both health and environmental responsibility in mind, we have selected only the highest performing strippers, stains, and sealers. Of course every project will require its own unique approach. We encourage you share your questions and concerns with our staff before and during your project. Bring the specifics of your project to the Paint Bar to begin exploring your options today!