The Design Process

Ecohome Improvement's in-store consultants can help you create the perfect design for your cabinet renovation project

Before you start your kitchen remodel familiarize yourself with the following documents and design process:

Starting Your Kitchen Remodel

How to Measure



Step 1:  Showroom visit and Ballpark Estimate

Bring a sketch or plan with basic dimensions into the showroom to get a free ballpark estimate for the four cabinetry lines we carry within minutes. We carry eco friendly cabinetry lines that cost less than other big box stores as well as luxury lines and everything between. This is a great first step to see how our cabinetry fits your projects needs within your budget!

Step 2: Make an appointment to meet with our Kitchen Designer

Once you get your ballpark and review the cabinetry with us in the showroom you can set up a complimentary design consultation with our kitchen designer in our showroom. Ask us to make you an appointment.

Step 3:  Design Consultation & Estimate review

In this meeting you will have an opportunity to discuss your design, get any technical questions you have answered, review our lines and their construction as well as narrow down you ballpark estimate range.

Timing: 30-45 minute in-store appointment.

PHASE 2 DESIGNING YOUR CABINETS (design retainer required)

Step 1: Place 1st deposit to hold a start week

Our kitchen designers take on one new client a week so we can give our clients personalized attention while designing for them. To hold a start week you will place your first cabinetry deposit. We recommend reserving a week as soon as you can as weeks fill up quickly. Ask us about our cancellation policy.

Step 2: In-home design meeting and measurements

Once it’s your week your kitchen designer will come to your home to take measurements and design your kitchen details with you. We will also bring samples to your home for your review. Your 2nd cabinetry deposit is due at this time. Timing: approx. 2 hours


Step 1: Ordering (All materials) *75% Fabrication Deposit*

All design details and materials must be confirmed prior to ordering. Cabinetry, countertops, tile, flooring and any other materials should be ordered together to coordinate delivery times.

Step 2: Delivery of Cabinetry *25% Final Payment*

Designer will contact you one week prior to delivery to confirm the date and times. Final payment is due prior to delivery.

Timing: 6-12 weeks depending on the line selected and design choices.