Okite countertops

Okite is a family company that makes beautiful quartz countertops, for those looking for a durable countertop solution. Made in Italy, these countertops carry the beauty and quality that Italian craftsmanship boasts, while still being ecological.

Understated but still stunning Okite countertops are 93% quartz, which means that not only are they beautiful but they are extremely hard, five times harder than granite. Okite makes it easy to choose their countertops as the practical choice, their durability and no need for messy sealing and upkeep make quartz countertops an easy answer.

The most remarkable feature from Okite is their wide range of finishes, whether you want your quartz polished, or honed to look like natural rock, they have it. Coming in over 35 colors, Okite provides the creativity you need for an extraordinary surface!

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