Ecoprocote Products

Ecoprocote is a unique manufacturer that focuses on making high performance AND sustainable products. Most of their products are industrial strength while still remaining low or no VOC and bio-based, being made right here in the USA.


Eco Tuff is Ecoprocote’s range of industrial strength coatings for cement, wood and countertops. A two-part system with Quick Prime, a clear primer, guarantees that this coating is waterproof and completely submersible. Meant for commercial or industrial applications, this is the finish you want if you want your floors or countertops to withstand anything, AND it’s ZERO VOC. The Eco-Tuff line is now available in both matte and gloss.


Acri-Soy is a diverse soy based sealer for anything from brick and grout to cement and wood.This completely matte penetrating sealer is our favorite for exterior vegetable boxes and cement, due to its easy application (one coat!), and being VOC FREE! If you’re looking for a cheap and durable finish Acri-Soy is your best bet!


SoyCrete is a healthy alternative to acid based cement stains that are on the market today. Soy based and low VOC, SoyCrete is a one of a kind stain meant for any porous cementitious material. Now available in over 30 colors, SoyCrete can transform a concrete slab into a beautiful floor, inside or outside. Come to the Paint Bar to buy samples to try out on your own concrete!


Eco-etch is an alternative to acid based concrete etchers. This low-VOC cleaner removes grease and stains from concrete and opens the pores to provide ultimate penetration for both stain and finish. Highly recommended for any concrete application, especially on concrete that is a few years old.


Eco-Florz is another cement finish from Ecoprocote. Meant for interior use, this decorative finish comes in a satin sheen and can be built up in multiple coats. Much like an “old school” wax finish, Eco-Florz is perfect for interior cement floors or stone applications, especially since a little goes a long way (2000 square ft. per gallon!). Use in conjunction with Acri-Soy for ultimate water resistance. Samples and more information are available at the Paint Bar.


TimberSoy is Ecoprocote’s stain meant for wood in both interior and exterior applications. This water-based (and soy based!) stain is ultra low-VOC and is our only water based stain that works well on exterior wood. Available in 8 colors, TimberSoy provides excellent color coverage and works well with a finish such as Acri-Soy or a polyurethane on top.

Come in to the Paint Bar and ask an associate to find out more information about Ecoprocote’s products, as well as samples of almost everything they offer!