About Vanities

Ecohome Improvement is delighted to be able offer vanities that are ecologically conscious and affordable. Our largest selection of vanities is available from Bertch, a line of vanities that you can design yourself, here in the store!


Bertch is a family company that was founded here in the US over 35 years ago whose mission is to deliver products that focus on quality of craftsmanship and the environment. They are a fully integrated company, which means they grow the trees, make the vanities and put the pieces together, limiting outsourcing as much as they can, and ensuring that all parts of the process are environmentally conscious and safe.

Bertch stock vanities come in an amazing collection of options, so that you can pick out everything yourself from the wood and door styles to the hardware! With 27 door styles, 8 wood styles, over 20 colors and finishes, and 70 styles of vanity tops, you can find the vanity that fits your space. Come in today to see all the options and get started picking out your own vanity!

Custom vanities are also available, please come in and ask an associate about custom options.