Exterior Paint

Healthy paint should be a priority inside AND outside.

Available in Velvet (low sheen) and Semi-Gloss finishes, DuraSoy One sets the standard for excellent coverage and durability.  As a self-priming paint, it can overcome of a variety of surface challenges quickly and easily.

AFM Safecoat’s All Purpose Exterior Satin is the optimal choice for projects requiring a mid-sheen paint.  An elegant finish with a gloss level between velvet and semi-gloss, satin is a great choice for trim, doors and more.

Check out the exteriors of our buildings to see the remarkable quality of these products for yourself!  The main color was painted with DuraSoy Velvet while Safecoat Exterior Satin adorns the window trim, garage door and planter boxes.

Visit our Paint Bar for more information and an array of color selection tools.  Color matching is also available for our exterior lines.

We recommend calling ahead to secure your order for all exterior painting projects.