AFM Safecoat

AFM Safecoat has been a leading innovator in paint and building products with reduced toxicity to preserve indoor air quality for over 25 years. AFM customers with home or commercial projects can choose from more than 30 not-toxic products, including stains and sealers, clear finishes, household cleaners and carpet care, adhesives and caulks, roof and asphalt coatings, and even personal care products.

Whether you are looking for an effective way to prevent offgassing from your carpet, a non-toxic primer to paint over metal or need a sealer for your tiles and grout, we will help you find the right AFM Safecoat product for your project.


Hard Seal is a specially formulated product that seals in off-gassing from previously finished wood, or painted surfaces. This clear gloss finish is made to fully encapsulate furniture to create a membrane that seals in VOC’s, formaldehyde and any other toxic off-gassing. Hard Seal is non-toxic very low-VOC and suitable for use by the chemically sensitive or allergic.


Safe Seal is Hard Seal’s sister product, to be used to seal in off-gassing in unfinished wood. Safe Seal is specially formulated to seal highly porous materials, such as plywood, particle board, cement board or any processed wood. Used to reduce offgassing Safe Seal is especially effective in sealing off-gassing from formaldehyde in furniture or plywood. A penetrating sealer, Safe Seal is virtually odorless and non-toxic.


A ZERO VOC alternative to traditional grout sealers, AFM’s Grout Sealer is clear, odorless and moisture resistant. Made for porous grout and cementitious surfaces, AFM Grout Sealer reacts with grout and becomes a part of it which increases water resistance and decreases moisture penetration. Completely non-toxic and virtually odorless, AFM Grout Sealer is perfect for those concerned with their health and indoor air quality.


Mexeseal is a semi-gloss, clear finish for porous materials such as cement, tile or stone. Made for interior surfaces this water-based sealer is slip and scuff resistant, and extremely durable. Ideal for masonry surfaces where water, oil and stain resistance is wanted. Low-VOC and non-toxic AFM’s Mexeseal is a safe alternative for healthy homes and the chemically sensitive.


AFM Acrylacq is a a clear finish meant to replace a high-solvent lacquer for furniture and vertical surfaces. Acrylacq comes in two sheens, satin and gloss, and is meant for unfinished wood surfaces. Acrylaq’s special formulation and low-VOC content means that it is safe and healthy to use in the homes of chemically sensitive in replace of toxic urethane finishes.


AFM’s Polyureseal BP is an extremely durable clear floor finish to use as a healthy alternative to toxic polyurethanes. Available in both satin and gloss, Polyureseal BP is low-VOC and low-odor and has high solid content, resulting in a safe and scratch resistant floor finish.


Made of all natural plant-based oils, AFM’s Clear Penetrating oil is a penetrating oil finish for new or old wood. Made for both interior and exterior uses AFM Clear Penetrating Oil penetrates deeply to protect and nourish wood for ultimate water resistance and stability.


A staple of the AFM Naturals collection AFM’s Oil Wax Finish is an all natural oil hardwax that hardens and seals unfinished wood. The plant-based oils combined with natural resins and waxes creates a durable water repellent surface that’s ideal for floors and furniture.