Richlite Countertops

Eco Countertops by Richlite from green home improvement store Ecohome Improvement

Composite countertops made with wood pulp and paper have a timelessness that works with nearly any aesthetic. With a look similar to other solid-surface countertops, Richlite has a warm feel and satiny luster which will develop into a beautiful, rich patina over time.

Made in the Pacific Northwest from FSC certified paper and recycled paper, phenolic resins and natural pigments, Richlite is one of the most eco countertop surfaces on the market. It is Greenguard certified, meaning that it’s free from the toxic off-gassing found in conventional solid-surface products. For your health and for the environment, you can feel good about choosing Richlite.

Used as a skate park surface for years, Richlite is more durable than other solid-surface materials. Richlite is stain-resistant to nearly all foods, so unless you have a penchant for (highly enzymatic) raw liver, it is easy to live with and easy to care for!

Richlite is available in a sophisticated palette ranging from earthy reds to forest greens. Please visit us with your plans to receive a free estimate for template through installations, see samples and borrow from our loaner library.