Green countertops by Vetrazzo available at Ecohome Improvement

Vetrazzo Countertops

Ecohome is proud to offer Vetrazzo’s recycled glass surfaces as one of our most environmentally sound surface options. Vetrazzo boasts a recycled glass content more than 85% per volume, all of which is 100% post-consumer recycled glass. While most manufactured countertop materials use synthetic, petroleum-based resin binders, Vetrazzo’s proprietary formula combines recycled glass with a binder of cement, non-toxic additives, pigments and other recycled materials. Vetrazzo is made entirely in the US, providing a domestic product with a minimal footprint.

Apart from being a truly eco surface option, Vetrazzo’s unique and beautiful composition of recycled glass is gathered from sources such as architectural and art glass, beer bottles, jars, stemware, and even traffic lights. Most of this glass is diverted from landfills by means of neighborhood recycling programs. These varied sources of glass produce an expansive palette that is well-applied when designing your project.

Vetrazzo’s performance as a surface material is comparable to that of granite or quartz. Vetrazzo is rated for use anywhere natural stone is used: countertops, tabletops, architectural cladding and more!

Come to Ecohome’s Design Studio today to see Vetrazzo’s full line, get a free quote and pick the surface that best suits your project!