As a locally owned and operated business we know that we can make decisions every day that affect our employees, community, customers, vendors, and professional partners. We take this position very seriously and make our daily decisions that show our highest integrity as a business and as people. Here are our guiding principles:

Every day we come to work it is to offer ecological and healthy home improvement products that are inspired by innovation, driven by sustainability and enhanced by the Ecohome experience.

Every business decision we make is with these values in mind:

      • 1. To enrich our customer’s home improvement experience, to give meaningful advice and to offer fair prices.
      • 2. To qualify the products we carry with the Ecohome Product Criteria.
      • 3. To support our employee’s growth and provide right livelihood.
      • 4. To strengthen the supply chain through collaboration and transparency with our vendors.
      • 5. To grow local value by supporting a select number of non-profits through financial and in-kind donations.

Giving Back

At Ecohome Improvement, an important part of our mission is giving back to our community and supporting local initiatives.

We are grateful for every opportunity to give, both in the form of financial donations and material supplies when appropriate. We have been able to donate thousands of dollars every year to a wide range of organizations, and we are glad that our business and our customers enable us to “do well by doing good ”. Our recipients range from local schools to Habitat for Humanity, from the Berkeley Animal shelter to the wonderful Ecology Center. We have given to many small businesses involved in making our community greener and more livable for all of us.

Giving back is simply part of the cycle that is connecting us to our community.
Thank you for making it possible!