Clayhaus Tiles

Clayhaus, from Portland Oregon, derived the name of their company from the Bauhaus artistic movement and its beautiful influences on modern design and architecture. Clayhaus is truly a company of artisans who make ceramic tile, and because of that Clayhaus allows you to be creative in that you want from your tile.

Featuring beautiful colorful tiles, each tile made by CLayhaus is handmade to order, giving you unlimited creativity and giving each tile its own personality, or as Clayhaus likes to call it “perfect imperfections”.

Clayhaus ceramic tiles are 100% lead free and are made from recycled clay (when they can!), on top of that, Clayhaus has dedicated themselves to being an environmentally responsible company and use 100% renewable energy to produce their tiles.

Clayhaus tiles come in 48 colors for their glossy finish and 24 colors in their unbelievably chic matte finish. On top of that you can find Clayhaus tiles in so many different shapes and styles!

Come in to the Design Studio today to check out samples and learn more about Clayhaus’ beautiful ceramic tiles!