Eco by Cosentino

Countertops from the Eco line by Cosentino available from sustainable home improvement retailer Ecohome Improvement in Berkeley, CA

Ever thought there could be a second life to your old tiles, glassware, sinks and windows? Eco by Cosentino is the answer, made from 75% recycled materials found in homes, as well as manufacturing scraps, this countertop is a testament to “up-cycling”. Their manufacturing process re-uses obsolete and discarded items to reduce landfill waste and save energy and the remaining 25% of this beautiful surface is made up of a blend of quartz, natural stone, and a proprietary corn-based resin. The result is a palette of fourteen beautiful, earthy colors.

The materials and manufacturing practices used to produce each of Cosentino’s products have been evaluated and awarded Cradle to Cradle Gold Certification. This third-party program assessment guarantees a product’s safety to humans and the environment, as well as its sustainable design for future life cycles.

Eco by Cosentino has a highly stain, scratch, and heat resistant surface, and only requires cleaning with soap and water. Meaning it is non-porous and does not require sealing, making it an easy-care, easy to live with surface, whose beauty will endure for years to come.