Luxury Vinyl Tiles


A product that is new to the eco market, LVT’s are an economical solution to a durable, waterproof but still eco floor. The only product that is 100% waterproof, these tiles bring a luxury look without sacrificing durability.


Coretec are luxury vinyl tiles can be floated over a floor and include their own natural cork underlayment. With an easy click installation, these tiles require no glues or adhesives to install, making sure you have less potential to bring VOC’s into your home. Coretec tiles contain less than 1mm of vinyl on the top layer and are composed of a 100% waterproof, recycled wood and limestone core, so feel free to put them in your bathroom! To add softness each Coretec tile is layered with natural cork underlayment, providing a safe sound absorbent bottom layer that naturally resists moisture.

Coretec tiles come in over 40 colors in both wood-look and tile-look, so come in today to learn more about this product and how it would fit in to your home.