Neolith Countertops

Neolith countertops are industrial quality with no water absorption, resistance to high temperatures and extremely resistant to scratches and any other wear and tear. Extremely thin, Neolith surfaces lends itself particularly well to kitchens and large spaces. Neolith comes in an extensive amount of colors as well as varied finishes, making it a truly designer countertop, for a custom tailored look. Most importantly Neolith’s industrial strength and quality does not compromise its sustainability, made from natural clays, feldspar, silica and mineral oxides as well as natural pigments, Neolith is 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable.

For a truly sustainable, durable surface, Neolith is a one-of-a-kind product that will be beautiful for a very, very long time.

Come in to the Design Studio today to get acquainted with the Various Neolith selections, and check out some samples from our loaner library!