We Make it Easy to be Eco

With “going green” becoming the latest trend, there are many claims being loosely tossed around and it can be difficult to tell what is genuinely green and what is “green washed”. With our years of experience in wading through the hype, you can look to us to provide you only with products that can truly be considered Eco. We can make it Easy to be Eco and easy to begin any home improvement project in the following ways:

1. Our Selection Criteria

2. Our Meaningful Advice & Design Services

3. Our No-Charge Ballpark Estimate Quote System

4. Our Sample Loaner Library and Stains Selector

5. Our Installer Referrals and DIYer Guidance

Product Selection Criteria

Our selection criteria ensure that every product has been chosen for its style, high quality, and its ecological and healthy home attributes.

Our definition for environmentally responsible products is based upon 2 or more of the following:

        • Recycled content
        • Renewable resources
        • Regionally made
        • Zero or low VOC content
        • Formaldehyde Free

Plus, be independently certified through one of the following: