Rubio Monocoat

Rubio Monocoat claims their Natural Oil Finish is truly a “revolutionary technology”, and few people would say otherwise. Rubio Monocoat Natural Oil Finish adheres to the uppermost layers of wood by means of molecular bonding. As the oil bonds with the wood within a reaction time of just 15 seconds, superfluous oil is left to be moved further than conventional oils would allow. The result is an astounding 400 sq. ft. of coverage per liter!

Molecular bonding makes Rubio Monocoat a one coat application that sets up quickly to become a durable and lasting finish easily applied over all species of wood.  Compared to the 3 gallons (11.4 liters) and three applications of conventional finishes needed to achieve the same effect, Rubio Monocoat is ultimately an economically, as well as ecologically, smart alternative.

Rubio Monocoat Natural Oil Finish utilizes a wax suspension that, when applied, leaves behind a beautiful and subtle luster. Available in more than 40 colors, Rubio Monocoat is a stain and finish which requires only one application. Rubio Monocoat Natural Oil Finish is composed of a unique mixture of natural vegetable products without any Volatile Organic Compounds. Rubio Monocoat’s “revolutionary technology” provides a zero VOC stain and finish easily applied in just one coat on both floors and furniture.

Ecohome also stocks Rubio Monocoat’s Raw Wood Cleaner, Exterior line for decks and siding, Oil Plus 2C two component system, and more! Stop by the Paint Bar today to see our collection of Rubio Monocoat products!


Available in over 40 designer colors, Rubio Monocoat is one of the most asked about sealers we carry here at Ecohome. Like its name suggests, Monocoat only needs one coat due to the unique ability of the oil to bond molecularly to the wood, creating an all-in-one stain and sealer, and did we mention it’s ZERO VOC?

Rubio Monocoat’s hardwax technology provides an extremely durable, matte surface that can be applied to commercial floors, countertops and furniture. Not only is application easy (remember one coat?) but Monocoat’s ability to not overlap on itself means it is extremely easy to maintain and repair.

Come in to the Paint Bar to see what Rubio Monocoat looks like, and bring in a piece of wood to try out our in-store color samples of all 40+ colors!


The “Part B”, or Plus 2C product in the Monocoat line is a pre-measured additive that acts as a hardener. This non-toxic accelerant cuts the cure time for the Monocoat by 1/3 but most importantly creates a more durable, water-resistant finish. This accelerator is recommended for all countertop and commercial applications.

Exterior Monocoat

Rubio Monocoat’s exterior line combines their hard wax oil technology with UV protection. This hybrid exterior oil is extremely long lasting against UV radiation and wood rot, keeping exterior wood looking fresh and preventing it from weathering and greying.

Using their Exterior Wood Cleaner you can clear out the resins from raw unifinished wood and get it ready for the Monocoat to penetrate deeply. Come in today to see the Exterior Monocoat colors on exterior wood, and try them out on samples of your own!