TimberPro UV

TimberPro UV Coatings is a pioneer in providing high-quality finishes and sealers. Their waterborne oil sealers allow for the possibility for non-flammable AND low-VOC coatings. Most of all, their products and environmentally safe so you can feel good about your finished project.


Their number one seller, this exterior wood finish stains, seals and protects all in one coat. Using TimberPRO’s waterborne oil technology, the natural oils are able to be carried deep into the wood by water in order to give long-lasting protection. Available in over 60 colors TimberPro’s finish is perfect for exterior wood projects like decks, fences and wood furniture. Easily applied, and sprayable, this is our number one choice for large exterior projects.


The best exterior wood cleaner that is environmentally safe, Clean & Brite is great for preparing wood for finishing or annual maintenance. To be used on siding, decks, fences or any other exterior wood, Clean & Brite removes dirt, mildew, spores, pollution and brightens graying wood. Recommended for use before applying any stain, as it cleans and opens up pores for oil and water-based stain.


Strip & Brite is for when you need an extra duty exterior wood cleaner that can strip off old oil based stains. This two-part system is recommended for when you need to refinish your deck, stripping away the old oil-based finish will guarantee that your new finish will perform as desired. As well as being a non-toxic stripper Strip & Brite safely removes mildew, mold, dirt and brightens graying wood, all while being safe for plants and animals.


A non toxic, healthy alternative to waterproof your exterior wood and prevent mold and wood rot. TimberPRO’s Internal Wood Stabilizer is a non-toxic wood preservative that reacts with the natural alkali that exists in wood to create a waterproof gel that hardens into sillicate glass crystals, completely waterproofing the wood. Perfect for fences, and for applications where a healthy waterproof alternative is needed such as vegetable beds and chicken coops!


TimberPRO’s Internal Concrete Sealer is a unique alternative to permanent concrete sealers. Zero VOC and virtually no odor this sealer permanently seals deep inside to prevent upward movement of water in concrete floors. Recommended for application before installation of floors over a concrete slab to ensure that water is repelled deep inside the slab, preventing water damage to any floor and extending the life of your concrete. Come in to the Paint Bar to learn more about this amazing product!